Civil War & Code 9

My track “Code 9” was used in a “Civil War” TV spot by A24. Thanks so much Avalon Zero and everyone involved for making it possible!

Double-Placement Day

Thanks to AG Sync / Power-Haus creative & Atom Music Audio for making my day: Two of my older trailer tracks made it into an UCF 299 and “Dusk for a Hitman” promo.

New Phantom Power release!

Happy to have 5 tracks on this new “Hero 3”-album!
(They won´t break us, Eclipse, No time to explain, Until we meet again, Final Dance)
Thanks to my label and everyone involved aswell as Amadeus Indetzki for the cooperation on the 5th one.
All the other composers did an amazing job and i´m very confident this album will be a success.

Aquaman 2 (Second Placement)

Aaaand another Aquaman placement! Haven´t found the TV Spot yet but thanks to Phantom Power my track “End of the world party” got synced within this promo. Thanks to everyone involved!

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom

The year couldn´t end more epic: My track “For our kingdom” was used in Aquaman 2!!! This is very special to me because 1.) it´s my very first placement with A&G Sync/Powerhaus Creative and 2) it´s the first time that my music was used in a main trailer that probably airs in theatres! Thanks to everyone involved and fingers crossed for an even better 2024!

Gran Turismo

Short but amazing – Our track “Infinity” was used in the Gran Turismo campaign. I´ve written this cue around 2 years ago with a good friend and i told him if we use his specific piano sound it will be a placement – and now: BAM! As always thanks to Phantom Power for making it possible.

The Creator
It´s the first time for me that two tracks got placed within the same movie campaign. My cues “Voyagers” & “Phoenix” from my solo album found their way into the “The Creator” promos and i cannot thank everyone at Phantom Power and 20th Century Studios enough for making it possible.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3

When i saw Star Wars Episode 1 as a kid i instantly fell in love with the whole world & characters and always dreamed to be part of it. Today i´ve got the confirmation that my music was used in the official campaign of The Mandalorian Season 3, one of my all-time-favorite shows! Biggest milestone so far and i still can´t believe it. Thanks to everyone involved, especially the amazing people at Cavalry

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Finishing 2022 with a banger – Call of duty is an extremely popular game since the series started many years ago. While i played it as a teenager I´m now playing a little part in the promo campaign with my track “Grenade”. Check out the latest Warzone 2.0 clip!

Thanks to Activision and Avalon Zero!


Brash Tracks & Album Release

Thanks to Brian McKinney for having me on the latest release called Bacchanalia with my neoclassical piece Red Sun Revenge.

Does this man on the cover look like Mr. Reeves ? Maybe…do i want a placement in the John Wick Franchise? DEFINITELY! Fingers crossed

Ambulance with Jake Gyllenhaal

I´ve broken my own record of shortest placements since i´ve started writing trailer music:
You can hear one whole second of my track “Machine” in the “Ambulance”-campaign with Jake Gyllenhaal 😃
As always super happy about editors liking my work and big thanks to my friends at Avalon Zero!

HBO: The Invisible Pilot

It´s the first time my music was used on HBO, wohoo! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! You can hear my track “Hunter” at around 0:47 – end. And as always big thanks to my label Phantom Power!

Amazon Prime: Outer-Range

Very happy that Amazon used my music again! This time a track called “Ambush” that was released last year via Phantom Power. Thank you to everyone involved!

4th usage of “Close Combat”

Can´t believe it´s the fourth time that my track “Close Combat” was used in trailers/promos. This time within the “La Brea” campaign. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Phantom Power.

Kings & Creatures Placement in “The Voyeurs”

Very thankful to have my track “No way out”, written for Kings & Creauters, being used in the “The Voyeurs” campaign. Very interesting use in combination with vocals and elements from another remix. Thanks to everyone involved!

“Stompede” by Audio Attack

Happy to be part of Audio Attack´s new album “Stompede” with my track “Warmachine”.

Wind From Luoyang Placement

New “Wind From Luoyang” trailer including my track “Blacklist”. It´s the first placement i received via Attack Audio, the german based label by my friend Michael Maas. Thanks to everyone involved!

Demo for AERA

My composer friend Maks Piszczek started his own company “Submority” providing virtual Instruments and SoundFX for trailers etc. I´m super happy he asked me to write a demo for his first release called “Aera”, a composer toolkit with many great and mix-ready sounds! Thanks again Maks, i really appreciate it and wish you all the best for your company!


World Of Wondering

Phantom Power released this new album today including 3 of my tracks (Ashes, Wavebreaker & The Gift).

Thanks to everyoinvolved and good luck with the syncs!


Without Remorse (Amazon Prime) Placement

My track “C.O.N.T.A.C.T” was used in the promotional campaign of “Without Remorse”! I didn´t find the TV/Online Spot yet but huge thanks to my label Cavalry and everyone involved!

“Trailer Box” by Wavelet Audio

I had the opportunity and a lot of fun making a demo track for Wavelet Audios latest release called “Trailer Box” – a small but very useful sound library! Check out the trailer and website (you can find my track “Wavebreaker” within the sounddemos)!

“Power Pack 2” by Phantom Power LLC

Excited to have 4 tracks (Excommunicado, Lone, Ready Or Not & Digital Resistance) on the “Power Pack 2” album by Phantom Power LLC. Huge thanks to my label and fingers crossed for some 2021-Placements. Check out the preview for some aggressive sound design cues.

Power-Haus Creative: The Fret Album

A&G Sync / Power-Haus-Creative asked me again to write some music for their catalog and i´m more than happy to have two tracks (KING and Until The End) included on the new “The Fret Album”. Huge respect to the other composers, they did an amazing job here! Check out the album here.

“Honest Thief” – TV Spot

Second track from my album “Aftershock” got placed in a TV-Spot! This time: Honest Thief with Liam Neeson!!! Thanks to Avalon Zero and eveyone involved

“Blitz Attack” by Audio Attack

Happy to have my track “Takeoff” on the second sound design album by Audio Attack

Demo for “Ashen Scoring Cello” by Wavelet Audio

Wavelet Audio created a great new virtual instrument called “Ashen Scoring Cello” and asked me to write a demo for it. Check out their website and my cue “Ashes” on their playlist


“Monster Attack” by Audio Attack

Happy to have three of my cues (Blacklist, Rage & Deathmatch) on this sound design album by Audio Attack. Great productions by the other composers by the way!

Greenland – TV Spots

Only a few months ago i´ve released my very first trailer music album “Aftershock”. Now i´m extremely happy there´s already a movie campaign using some music / sounds from my track “Code 9” in TV Spots. Thanks to Avalon Zero for making this possible!

Audio Attack

Happy to announce that i´ve teamed up with Placement-Legend Michael Maas who started his own label “Audio Attack”. I´m very grateful to have some of my tracks on the first sound design trailer music album.

The Old Guard – Custom Overlays

Very grateful to have some of my sound/fx-overlays used in this “The Old Guard” trailer by Netflix! Thanks to everyone involved!

The Cyber-Album

The new A&G Sync album “The Cyber Album” was released today. Grateful to be on that great project with two of my tracks.

The CW Network

Thanks for using some of my music in your Wednesday Night Radio CW Network!

Law & Order: SVU TV Spot

First little TV Spot Placement! Happy to have some of my sounds/music from the track “No way out” used in this “Law & Order:SVU” Promo. You can actually hear our Renault Twingo (2001 Version) i recorded in the garage lol.
Thanks to Kings & Creatures / Position Music and everyone involved.

Teaming up with IMA score & 5 Alarm Music

Happy to work with IMA Score / 5 Alarm Music now! This time i wanted to dive a little into TV music. Let´s see what the future brings! Thanks to the whole team for asking me to write some music for “Pandemic” and “Funderrated”.

The Distorted Album by A&G Sync

Grateful to have 3 tracks on the latest release by A&G Sync. The album received great feedback in just a short amount of time which makes me very proud. Thanks to my label and fingers crossed! 

Teaming up with A&G Sync

Excited that the team of A&G Sync asked me to write music for them. Happy to be on board and finger crossed for future-placements!

First Placement via Cavalry!

It´s not only my first placement via Cavalry but my very first custom job/pitch that worked out! Thanks to the whole team for your trust! These were three stressful hours but i´m more than happy that my track “Terminus” landed in “The Invisible Man” trailer.

DreamHack Opening Ceremony with “Morning Mood”

I´m very honored and super excited that my trailerized cover version of “Morning Mood” has been used in the first half of the DreamHack opening ceremony (E-Sports event). This is actually my very first cover i´ve ever done and it makes me even more happy that the whole lightshow including fire/steam effects was synced with my music.
Thanks so much to my label @PhantomPower and everyone involved!

“Six Underground” Placement

Wow, what a run: “Close combat” was used again! This time in the trailer for Michael Bay´s “Six Underground” with Ryan Reynolds. Thanks to everyone involved @Phantom Power & Netflix!

“SAAHO” Placement

Great run for my track “Close Combat”. It was used in the SAAHO Teaser. Super excited to see/hear what the editors made out of it. Thanks Phantom Power for pushing my music!

“Rogue Company” Placement

It´s my third placementn in a row…what a week! This time it´s a rock cue from Avalon Zeros album “Why so serious?” which was used in the promotional campaign for “Rogue Company”, a game by Hi-Rez Studios. Thanks to everyone involved!

“Classical Covers”

It’s been over a year since I’ve written and released any orchestral music. And now I’m extremely happy and very proud to have two of my orchestral covers (Morning mood by Peer Gynt and The Swan by Saint-Saens) on the new “Classical Covers” industry album by Phantom Power! Thanks Doug and Tyler for this opportunity, you made my day with this release.

First Placements!

I´m extremly happy to announce that two of my cues were placed in The Hustle and Jack Ryan! Thanks a LOT to my label Phantom Power LLC. Finally the many short night payed off!


“Close Combat” was used in the promotional campaign for Jack Ryan

Stems from “Infiltration” were used in the promotional campaign for The Hustle

“Why so serious?”

Excited to have two of my tracks on the upcoming album “Why so serious?” by Avalon Zero. Thanks to Vivien and Florent, it was super fun to write these asskicker cues for you!


CAVALRY Custom Music

Super excited to work with Cavalry Custom Music, a well known and successful publisher from L.A.! Thanks to the whole team for this opportunity and your trust. It´s awesome to be on board with you talented guys!

Go Team Cav!


PERCUSSION & SOUNDDESIGN Vol. 3 by Phantom Power!

Happy to have two of my tracks released on the latest “Percussion & Sounddesign Vol. 3” album (Dez 2018) by Phantom Power. Thanks A LOT to my publisher, this is a very good pre-Christmas surprise (i actually overlooked the release at first, haha).

AWAKENING by King´s & Creatures!

Super excited to have my track “No Way Out” featured on the latest album “Awakening” (Dez. 2018) by King´s & Creatures! Huge respect for the other composers, their sound design is exceptional! And thanks to the publisher for the opportunity!

NEO by Avalon Zero!

My track “No Mercy” is included on the latest release (Nov.18) by Avalon Zero. And this is only the beginning! Thanks to the team and good luck to all involved!

Hyperactive Vol. 2!

Excited about this new release by Phantom Power. Vol. II consists of many intense and great rock-hybrid-tracks and i´m more than happy that my cue “Boogeyman” found its way on this album.

Kings & Creatures!

Aaaaand another great publisher to be working with. Kings & Creatures has tons of placements and references and i hope my work will be a great addition to their catalog.

Teaming up with Avalon Zero!

I´m extremely happy to announce that I´ve teamed up with Avalon Zero, a publisher who released tons of music for well-known film campaigns in the past.

It´s another huge step in the right direction for me and I am very proud to be part of the composer pool. Many thanks to the team, I don’t take it for granted and I won’t disappoint you!

Check them out—->

Hyper Active Vol.1

I´m more than happy that two of my tracks found their way onto Phantom Powers brand new release “HyperActive Vol.1” (another track follows with the second Volume aswell!). It´s a powerful rock-hybrid-trailer album for the industry with massive guitars, drums, synths and more!

Phantom Power (Label)

Oh boi!

Only 4 months into trailer music and the big publisher Phantom Power – which released music for Star Wars, Westworld, Avengers, Ready Player One and many many more – took all my trailer tracks that i´ve written so far into its catalog! I´m super excited and more than thankful about that opportunity. May the placements be with us!

KeepForest – AizerX Series

Great news!

The company “Keepforest” is going to release a huge and extremely useful library-series for trailer sound design.

I´m happy that i was a part of the testing-group and delivered two tracks (Endgame & Boogeyman) aswell as some Presets for the”AizerX Toolkit”. With these products you´re able to create individual Hits/Impact sounds and it offers tons of useful stuff. If you´re a composer: This will be THE Go-To-VST for a long time!

Click here to hear my demo!


“Mechanize” is an industrial hybrid rock album by Atom Music Audio – a publisher from Bulgaria – including my very first trailer track “Kill Switch”. Fingers crossed for getting placements in the future!

Artwork by Nedko Chaushev (Paradox)

More content is coming soon…